Severe flooding throughout Hardwick caused significant damage

Severe flooding throughout Hardwick Monday night and early Tuesday morning caused significant damage and the evacuation of many from their homes. Hardwick Fire and Police Departments evacuated six families from their residences Monday night while assisting with many other self-evacuations.  70% of the town’s back roads had been damaged, with several being washed out and impassable. The Inn By The River, a motel on Route 15 located at the edge of the village, saw enormous damage. The inn sits in front of the Lamoille River, which rose to dangerous heights and reached rapid speeds while serving as one of the main facilitators to the village’s flooding. The river took a large section of paved land and lawn froam the left side of the Inn property, ripping off a section of the building and leaving another large part dangling over the now-widened river. The Lamoille Valley Ford Dealership on Route 15 had vehicles underwater and water inside as did many other area businesses.