Hilltopper Neighbors Sqautting At Illicit Rooftop Patio

On top of the Hilltopper Restaurant on Main Street in St. Johnsbury is a patio scene that doesn’t belong. There’s a canopy with lights strung around it, flowers and plants, rugs, and a propane grill, among other things. It appears to be a comfortable outdoor setting where people congregate to party or relax. The problem is no one has permission to be on that roof. Its unauthorized use had gone unnoticed by people who have reason to care that the space is inhabited. When police discovered the scene on the roof, they knew it had been created by people who don’t belong there. As of Friday afternoon, some of the items that were there the previous day were gone, but other stuff remained, including the canopy with an American flag hanging from it. The restaurant is not currently being used. During the school year, it is a teaching restaurant for Culinary Arts CTE students.