Judge Gregory Rainville has denied a request

Judge Gregory Rainville has denied a request by a Newport defense attorney to dismiss a charge of lewd & lascivious conduct against her client. Judge Rainville appeared in Orleans Superior Court and said in his entry order that the motion filed by Attorney Trudy Miller, on behalf of defendant Kasey Ainsworth, did not convince him to dismiss the case. Ainsworth has been accused of committing lewd and lascivious conduct in 2015 when the victim was ten years old. Attorney Miller argued in her motion that it took over three years for the state to provide her with information and discovery that might be favorable to Ainsworth’s defense. But Deputy State’s Attorney Maria Byford argued that the state’s attorney’s office did provide opportunities for Attorney Miller to obtain more information regarding the Ainsworth case. “The State disputes these spurious claims and counters that any prejudice to his case is the result of his counsel’s own neglect,” wrote Byford in her opposition motion.