Riley Tetreault, 33, of North Troy, pleaded not guilty

Riley Tetreault, 33, of North Troy, pleaded not guilty to the charges in Orleans Superior Court on Tuesday and was released on conditions. According to court documents, Tetreault is accused of attempting to break into a shed at 607 Dry Pond Road in Glover on April 13. But he left after someone yelled at him through a security camera telling him to leave. Police arrived at the scene, looked at security video of Tetreault trying to break into the shed, and interviewed the alleged victims, including Makayla Banuelos, 20. “Banuelos told me that a few weeks ago Riley had shown up to their house and they believed that he was on drugs,” wrote Sgt. Richard Wells of the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department. “They stated that he asked them for a gun and that they denied him a gun and advised him to leave and not return as they did not want him back…While I was there talking to her, Tetreault pulled into the driveway.” Sgt. Wells then told Tetreault that he could not just “kick someone’s door in.” Tetreault stated that he did not kick the door in.” “He stated that he pulled the door until the screws came out.” Tetreault faces a possible sentence of over 15 years in prison and $1500 in fines.