Lawmakers gearing up to renew efforts in the battle against opioid addiction

Vermont lawmakers are gearing up to renew their efforts in the battle against opioid addiction. That includes new efforts to expand needle drop boxes and other ways of removing barriers to treatment. Wednesday was “Recovery Day” at the Vermont Statehouse, a chance for lawmakers to hear from those on the frontline of the opioid crisis and to renew their efforts at policies that save lives. Gary De Carolis, who works with over a dozen recovery residences statewide says Vermont was making progress in curbing overdoses using its hub and spoke model to expand access to treatment, but that the pandemic and fentanyl have changed the game. Fentanyl is being put in everything. Notably absent in the discussion so far this year is the idea of overdose prevention sites, where people can consume drugs under medical supervision. Governor Phil Scott last year vetoed a bill to study the idea. There’s no word yet if lawmakers are considering a similar proposal this session.