The DPW department has a $200,000 equipment budget

The purchase of equipment by the Department of Public Works (DPW) and the town possibly taking control of a cemetery just north of the Green Mountain Mall were discussed at Monday night’s St. Johnsbury Select Board meeting. The DPW department has a $200,000 equipment budget approved by the voters. Public Works Director Steve Beauregard wants to purchase an excavator and some other equipment.  The excavator will likely eat up most of that budget.” DPW also wants to purchase a small tractor. “It will be used to run some of our attachments like the wood splitter and also we want to put the leaf blower on it so we can blow the debris off the side of the road when we’re grading,” said Whitehead. The town uses a wood splitter to supply the wood boiler at the DPW garage. The third item would be a landscaping trailer to include all the town’s mowing equipment. The town’s Cemetery Committee is working with the St. J Center Cemetery Association to possibly transfer the privately owned cemetery to the town.