Two snowmobiles collided on the Corridor 20 trail in Clarksville

Two snowmobiles collided on the Corridor 20 trail in Clarksville, N.H. on  Wednesday afternoon, causing injury to one of the riders. Raymond Lapointe, 68, of Rhode Island, was taken by rescue sled to an ambulance, which took him to Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital in Colebrook, N.H., for treatment of injuries he suffered when the snowmobile he was operating crashed with another snowmobile operated by Robert Skavron, 66, of Massachusetts. Sakron said he was not hurt and left the scene aboard another snowmobile as both snowmobiles involved in the crash sustained significant damage, New Hampshire Fish and Game officials reported. The officials said the remote area where the collision happened meant it took over an hour for rescue responders to get there. During this time, people waiting at the scene had to do their best to stay warm while waiting for responders to arrive,” said officials. “Snowmobilers and other outdoor enthusiasts are reminded to plan ahead for such situations and pack extra clothing should a breakdown or accident leave them stranded in a remote location for an extended period of time.”