Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC) launched the Corrections Investigative Unit

This week, the Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC) launched the Corrections Investigative Unit (CIU), a new team charged with conducting internal investigations and improving transparency. This unit, consisting of a director and two-full time investigators, will investigate critical incidents, Prison Rape Elimination Act compliance, threats and safety, intelligence operations, and culture and workplace experiences. CIU was statutorily established in 2021 by the Vermont General Assembly to bolster transparency with the public and fill operational gaps within Vermont’s correctional system. Per statute, CIU will coordinate with investigative and law enforcement agencies and the Department of Human Resources (DHR). DHR will maintain authority over allegations of employee misconduct. “By design, CIU strives not only to maintain and support the safety of staff and Vermont’s incarcerated population but also to strengthen public trust in our system,” said Aaron Reichert, CIU director. Prior to this role, Reichert served in various investigative and leadership roles in the law enforcement and human services fields. “Aaron’s robust investigative experience and unique skillset will help us to fully realize and leverage CIU’s mission to improve the safety and wellbeing of those who live and work in Vermont correctional facilities,” said Nicholas J. Deml, commissioner of the Vermont Department of Corrections. “The establishment of CIU is a major step forward for our department and demonstrates through action our commitment to transparency, integrity, and continuous improvement.”