A burglary case was dismissed after Anthony Rice failed to show up

A burglary case was dismissed after Vermont State Trooper Anthony Rice failed to show up for a deposition in February and then failed to appear in court on Monday after a judicial summons was issued. Tpr. Rice had been served a subpoena for the deposition by the Orleans County State’s Attorney’s Office in January. But he did not appear for the session involving both the state and defense.  Judge Lisa A. Warren then issued the judicial summons in April after St. Johnsbury defense attorney Chloe Vickers asked the court to schedule a contempt of court hearing for Tpr. Rice so he could explain why he ignored the subpoena. The contempt hearing was scheduled on Monday at 10 a.m. but Tpr. Rice failed again to appear despite the warning in capital letters on the judicial summons. “IF YOU DO NOT APPEAR AT THE TIME AND PLACE ORDERED, A WARRANT WILL BE ISSUED FOR YOUR ARREST,” reads the summons. Attorney Vickers then asked Judge Warren for an arrest warrant to be issued for Tpr. Rice. But witnesses in the courtroom said Orleans County Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Cricchi then moved to dismiss the burglary case, which was then approved by the judge.