A man allegedly kicked in a door at a camp and attacked a person

A man allegedly kicked in a door at a camp and attacked a person. Cody Gregoropoulos, 21, of Corinth, pleaded not guilty to charges of felony burglary into an occupied dwelling, misdemeanor simple assault and unlawful mischief. Judge Michael R. Kainen released him on conditions. On April 5, at approximately 7:54 p.m.,  State Police received the report of a threatening complaint by Ethan Walker, 21. Initial reports from dispatch advised that he was at his camp in Groton and Cody Gregoropoulos was threatening him. The initial reports also mentioned that Gregoropoulos kicked the door into his camp and entered with other people.  Walker said he was hanging out with a friend of his, McKenzie Dennis, 21. Walker revealed that Dennis was Gregoropoulos’s ex-girlfriend. Walker recognized the truck, described as a Black Chevy 2500. Walker stated that when he saw the vehicle, he knew who it was, and went into a bedroom with Dennis, and locked the door. Walker said Gregoropoulos kicked in the front door, which was locked, and then kicked in the bedroom door where Walker and Dennis were hiding.  Walker said that at this point, Gregoropoulos “tried to hit him…and shoved the bed against the wall.” Walker ran upstairs, trying to call 911. Walker advised Gregoropoulos then pushed Dennis onto the bed. Gregoropoulos then tackled him onto the bed, and stated Gregoropoulos hit him in the face.  Gregoropoulos then punched out a window in the upstairs bedroom, and tore down two mounted Deer Heads from the wall. Gregoropoulos faces a possible sentence of 27 years in prison and $3,000 in fines.