Derby Line is a world away from Los Angeles

Derby Line is a world away from Los Angeles. That’s why Priscilla Stebenne, her sisters Cheryl St. Pierre and Debby Monfett, and her good friend Donna Slocum took a trip to Tinsel Town back in January. Escaping the Vermont winter was splendid, and so was being in the audience for “The Price is Right.” St. Pierre had already heard the iconic words “come on down” a decade ago and she even made it to the “showcase showdown” but lost. So, what were the odds it would happen again for the intrepid travelers? “It’s going to be Priscilla Stebenne! Come on down!” announcer George Gray revealed to the studio audience.  Now it was Stebenne’s turn to run down the aisle. After multiple attempts to guess the price of a product, the Vermonter was the closest to guessing the price of a prize close to home — a snow sled.  She had made it on stage and into the spotlight for an attempt to win a trip. The game was Hi-Lo — picking the price of a common product. But soon, Stebenne’s chance for a 5-day stay in Burlington began to fade away. She went on to win a spin for the final showcase but underbid and lost. “Just the whole experience was so surreal and so much fun. I didn’t care,” she said. Stebenne had a wish of winning a car or meeting Drew. “Drew Carey is just a super, super, nice guy,” she said.  She says, it was priceless.