Firefighters worked through a yard covered in debris to battle a house fire

Firefighters worked through a yard covered in debris to battle a house fire, Monday morning, on Walden Hill Road. They encountered tires, appliances, furniture, gas cans, and all manner of household items strewn about the property  while battling the blaze that was reported at 4:12 a.m. Danville Fire Chief Troy Cochran said the condition of the property was an impediment to firefighting efforts. Getting ladders into position was challenging, and firefighters needed to clear a path in order to get an excavator close enough to the house to peel open the metal roof. “People were tripping over the stuff,” he said. It’s a property familiar to the fire department, Chief Cochran said, for its unhealthy condition. The inside of the home was deemed unhealthy to the point that the department had a “no entry” order on firefighters in the event of a call there. After establishing that no one was inside the burning home on Monday morning, firefighters made it no further inside than a few feet, conducting their fire extinguishing efforts from the outside. Chief Cochran said that had firefighters been able to work inside, the fire could have been put out sooner. Records show that the property is owned by the Michael Kubisek Jr. Estate with a co-owner of Gary Young. He was not at the property when the fire emergency occurred. It was determined there were four people in the home at the time of the fire. They were Robin Cash, Raymond Kitchens, Jeff Ruggles and Bonnie Richardson. None of the people who had been staying in the house were around when firefighters arrived.