Half of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail has reopened

State officials announced Tuesday that about half of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail has reopened following last month’s devastating floods. Portions of the other half will remain closed into 2024 due to the extensive damage.  The two end sections of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail are now reopened for public use, including the 19.5 miles from St. Johnsbury to Walden at the trail intersection with Route 15, and the 30.3 miles from Swanton to Cambridge Junction. The remaining 43.2 miles of the LVRT between Walden and Cambridge remain closed due to many different types of damage including, complete bridge washouts, complete culvert washouts, and severe slope failures that are blocking the trail or have washed out the trail altogether.  103 sites remain damaged and closed, with contractors hired to make repairs to 57 of the sites. The AOT is working to get the remaining work under contract for repairs soon.